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  • Niccolò Machiavelli, the photographer – photoshoot notes

    Niccolò Machiavelli, the photographer – photoshoot notes

    If for a moment you consider the requirements for a successful shot as a pyramid, technical requirements will sit at the bottom and as we go up the pyramid, more artistic aspects of photography will be placed. The environmental, situational, technical and skill-related aspects usually covered first, and as one become a more experienced and […]
  • The challenges of co-branding design

    Note: This text is about the visual and not the commercial aspect of co-branding, which is the more common use of the term. One of the questions I encounter every …
  • Be careful what you wish for, it might come out-of-focus

    Being a long-time user of smaller-than-35mm cameras and enjoying their sharp and all-in-focus images in street photography, my early experiences –more accurately put, re-encounter, considering film era- with 35 mm …
  • Canberra City Band in Floriade 2016 – photoshoot notes

    Introduction Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to photograph Canberra city band‘s performance in Floriade 2016. CCB is one of Australia’s oldest community concert bands, serving the ACT …

  • Constant refinement in publication design

    Usually, there’s more room for design improvement in publication design than to brand development. Brand designers deliberately avoid leaving any room for future refinements. The philosophy behind this approach is …
  • My first billboard design in Canberra

    As a kid, I was fascinated by masterpieces of classic and modern literature and -like many others my age- dreamed of writing a novel, or a collection of short stories …
  • The Parlour Social at Smith’s Alternative – Jazz Photography

    I had the opportunity to photograph The Parlour Social, an amazing Canberra-based traditional jazz band. The most interesting part of this particular jazz photography was having the chance to photograph piano …
  • Meet your trendy graphic designer from, er, the Middle East

    I’m old. Born in 70’s, I have difficulty understanding the later generations, and it’s not limited to understanding younger Australians (which being a foreigner and not having a shared cultural …
  • B2B Magazine August issue has landed

    August issues of B2B magazine is covering the upcoming Australian computer society Canberra chapter’s 2016 Annual Conference. This year’s conference theme of Drones, Droids and Robots, gives us the chance …


Kasra Yousefi – graphic designer
Design work: branding, corporate identity, package and publication design
Photography: jazz, documentary, photojournalism

Photography : a selection

Documentary: On the Shores of the Tajen River

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