B2B Magazine issue 113

B2B Magazine issue 113 is out.

B2B Magazine #113 has been printed for some days, but I haven’t found time for an update. This issue’s cover story outlines the background, strategy, and services of RSM, a worldwide provider of audit, tax and consulting services and showcases their new office interior in Canberra designed by DJAS, one of the Canberra’s largest architectural and interior design practices, and built by SHAPE Australia.

In the government-to-business section, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr explains how Canberra airport’s opening up to international flights will positively affect the Canberra business landscape.

Also in another interesting feature from DDCS Lawyers, Alison Osmand, a senior associate of the firm writes about the rise in the number of Australians diagnosed with dementia and the effect it has on the outcomes of wills and estate planning.

For those that are interested in design, here is the link to the magazine in print form, as well as a selection of my designs that I like the most in this issue.

Kasra Yousefi

My name is Kasra Yousefi. I’m a graphic designer, teacher and photographer, living in Canberra, ACT.

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