Big Boss Groove in Great Hall, Parliament House -

Big Boss Groove in Great Hall, Parliament House

Big Boss Groove is a well-known Canberra-based corporate party band. Made up of nine incredibly talented and professional musicians, their jazz performances are both beautiful and strong. I’ve enjoyed their performance first in 2015 in Merimbula jazz festival and later had the chance to shoot them on their rehearsals and also one of their performances in Great Hall, Parliament House in Canberra.

Big Boss Groove in Great Hall, Parliament House

A friend's piano recital

Jazz photography: A friend’s recital, ANU

I had the opportunity to attend and photograph one of my friend’s piano recital in Australian National University. A combination of good light, the flexibility of taking shots from almost every angle, and the beauty of musicians, their expressions and their instruments, made it a very memorable session for me.

A friend's piano recital

Merimbula Jazz Festival 2015

Jazz Photography: Merimbula Jazz Festival 2015

The Merimbula Jazz Festival has been held every June long weekend since 1981 involving approximately 150 bands, 700 musicians playing all styles of jazz from trad, ragtime, big bands, swing, mainstream, modern and funk. Known as the ‘Festival for Musicians’, Great Musos and their jazz music create the memorable festival environment each year.

Merimbula Jazz Festival 2015

*This post originally published after the festival, however, because my of a problem with my hosting company database, they had to restore my blog to an earlier snapshot so I lost the original post.

OSTR: My Photography book on Amazon

On the shores of the Tajen river
On the shores of the Tajen river

Mostly due to the encouragements of my friends and mentors, I have decided to publish my photography project about Northern Iran. It’s available in premium print quality and dust jacket cover from Amazon, and with soft cover with standard paper from Blurb. Hopefully, I will publish an e‑book soon.

Also, there will be a story about my photographs and life in the upcoming edition of the Capital Magazine.

Many thanks to Tim Benson, Gillian Lord, Raeeka Sadri and others who helped me with this project.

Photo Essay: On the shores of the Tajen river

Sari, Iran.

Tajen is a river in northern Iran, originating on the northern side of the Alborz mountains and flowing into the Caspian sea. A large part of the Tajen is semi dry most of the time, because it’s been dammed by Soleyman Tangeh hydroelectric dam that was built for hydroelectric power production, flood control and to provide water for industrial and agricultural use. What remains of the river is used for local, small-scale agriculture and occasional fishing in the waters polluted by fertilisers, urban sewage and garbage. The river lost its importance as a source of life and turned into a power plug and garbage dump. Cities are creeping into forests and farms, shepherds without pastures bring their flock into the city to graze on remaining urban green spaces. In cities, corrupt municipalities cut trees and plant plastic trees with lights in place of them, perhaps for a commission from business people.

You can see the photos here.