The Method: a poster

The Method logo always reminds me of things I used to write on my mixtapes with a lettering ruler, Letraset transfers and leaky Rapidograph pens; “Jean Michel Jarre”, “Pink Floyd”, “J.S.Bach — St Matthew’s passion” , some long forgotten 60’s band name or something cryptic for a girl I was madly in love with, but wasn’t bold enough to talk to her. Tapes, gently scented with fragrances, edited with milliseconds’ precision on the father’s “don’t touch it” Akai deck and recorded on expensive Denon metal tapes.* Tracks order chosen strategically and tactically, to create the exact imaginary desired effect (which exist only in my teenager, egocentric brain anyway). But I digress.

With a gentle nod to my little secret childhood joys, lost in the abyss of an eight years war and a sad revolution, this poster was made for the Canberra-based Jazz band, The Method.

The Method Poster

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The Method

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The Method Poster

*It’s interesting how much brands and products are interwoven with our memories and emotions, and yet, people always treat consumer products with contempt.

Kasra Yousefi

My name is Kasra Yousefi. I’m a graphic designer, teacher and photographer, living in Canberra, ACT.

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