Magazine Design

B2B magazine

B2B magazine is a dedicated business magazine based in Canberra. I did the design and a bulk of the photography for issues #110 onwards.

Package design


Merging three brands into one was a tough decision for the traditional, family owned company stakeholders; however, the results were positive. After a year, Hansa sales were up 150% and it became the number one gift brand in the region.

Product Design


Before the overhaul in 2005, the brand consisted of 5 or 6 products. Five years into the process, sales increased 2.5 times and product portfolio expanded to more than 100 items. Also, the brand secured the number one place in mechanical pencil lead sales in the region. 

Magazine design and layout

Cinéma Théâtre Magazine

Over the years, Cinéma Théâtre’s content deviated from its professional origins and swayed toward light entertainment. In addition, a growing number of full-colour entertainment magazines took away its market share. After changes in the magazine’s ownership, the new editor and his team looked for ways to refocus the magazine back to its original, professional roots.

Package Design


Myson needed a brand overhaul that communicates the ambitious vision of the brand to become an outstanding player in small domestic appliance market in the MEA region.

Industry Compliance - Branding and Identity design

Industry Compliance

Industry Compliance analyzes business operations and implements Work Health and Safety (WHS) policies, procedures and systems to comply with the legal WHS requirements.

Canberra Gig Guide

Canberra Gig Guide

Client: The Riot ACT Field: Media & Entertainment Task: Identity Year: 2017

Apollo's Echo logo

Apollo’s Echo

Client: Apollo’s Echo Field: Music, Art Task: Identity Year: 2016

Industry Compliance

Industry Compliance

Client: Industry Compliance Field: Workplace safety Task: Identity Year: 2015


Sotoone Inc.

Client: Sotoone Inc. Field: Environment Task: Identity Year: 2008

Otto Hutt

Otto Hutt

Client: Otto Hutt
Field: Writing Instruments
Task: Persian typography in harmony with the original

CIVILICA - Engineering Group

Civilica Inc.

Client: Civilica Inc. Field: Civil Engineering Task: Identity Year: 2013

Cinema V

Cinema Seven

Client: Seven Inc. Field: Motion picture Task: Identity Year: 2005

Datagram Inc.

Datagram Inc.

Client: Datagram Inc. Field: Design Task: Identity, Name Year: 2014



Client: Persiadesign Inc. Field: Design Task: Identity, Name Year: 2005



Client: Owner Field: Writing Instruments Task: Identity Year: 2008

HT sound studio

HT sound studio

Client: HT sound studio Field: Sound Engineering Task: Identity Year: 2005

channel 7

Seven Entertainment Inc.

Client: Seven Entertainment Inc. Field: Motion picture Task: Identity Year: 2005

B2B Magazine promotional poster

Promotional poster for B2B Magazine

Promotional poster for B2B Magazine

Commemorative poster for Gabriel García Márquez's 80th birthday. Exhibited at Iranian Artists’ Forum.

Commemorative poster for Gabriel García Márquez’s 80th birthday

Commemorative poster for Gabriel García Márquez’s 80th birthday. Exhibited in Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran.

FS 100 Poster

FS100: promotional poster for a music event

FS100: promotional poster for a music event

Architectural photography Canberra

Vantage Strata

Vantage Strata provides expert strata, facilities & building management services as well as consultancy advice. Part of an advertisement campaign for Vantage Strata, featuring their prominent clients in the ACT.

Canberra City Band Poster

Postcards — musical journey from around the world

Promotional poster for a Canberra City Band music event named: Postcards — Musical journey from around the world.

Cadence performance solutions

Cadence Performance Solutions

Magazine advertisement for Cadence Performance Solutions, an IT consulting firm.

The Method

The Method

Photography and poster design for the local jazz band The Method.

Big Boss Groove

Big Boss Groove — website

Big Boss Groove is a well-known Canberra-based corporate party band. Made up of nine incredibly talented and professional musicians, their jazz performances are both beautiful and strong.