Project: On the shores of the Tajen River

Tajen is a river in northern Iran, that rises on the northern side of the Alborz mountains and flows into the Caspian sea. A large part of the Tajen is semi dry most of the time, because it’s been dammed by Soleyman Tangeh hydroelectric dam that was built for hydroelectric power production, flood control and to provide water for industrial and agricultural use. What remains of the river is used for local, small-scale agriculture and occasional fishing in the waters polluted by fertilisers, urban sewage and garbage . River lost its importance as a source of life and turned into a power plug and garbage dump. Cities are growing into forest and farms, shepherds without pastures bring their flock into city to graze on city remaining green areas. In cities, corrupt municipalities, cut trees  and plant plastic trees with lights in place of them, perhaps for a commission from business people.