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Client: Myson
Field: Home Appliances
Task: Complete branding overhaul
Year: 2003

Logo, old and new
Logo, old and new

Myson needed a brand overhaul that communicates the ambitious vision of the brand to become an outstanding player in small domestic appliance market in the MEA region.

The generic design of the old logo belonged to the early days of the firm and didn’t reflect the modern, and agile brand that it became.

By phasing out the old logo, and emphasizing on the human factor and comfort that the brand brings to consumers, I designed a new logo and uniform design language for all packages. By providing a flexible and scalable design guideline, I helped the client communicate the design specifications to OEMs across the world electronically and minimize costly print and design errors.

Thanks to its quality, customer care and branding, Myson is now considered a respectable brand in the market and sits comfortably beside reputable European, Korean and Japanese brands that have considerable advertising presence.

Usually, a small appliance package is covered by long lists of product features and selling points. While informing the customer about the key specifications is necessary, by removing the unnecessary “bullet-point” marketing copy and replacing it with a conversational communication style, focusing only on what’s important to the customer, I created a clean, clear and distinct package that stands out on the store shelves.








Kasra Yousefi

My name is Kasra Yousefi. I’m a graphic designer, teacher and photographer, living in Canberra, ACT.

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